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Welcome to my Jewel's jewellery blog. I am a geek vintage fashion blogger of the old and new. Join my world as I explore jewellery and fashion from past to present with weird and wacky to the so so normal. Being a jewellery geek and nerd that likes the unusual and different mixed with history has its advantages. Stand out from the crowd.

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    Decided this bright sunny September morning to write a little about unusual vintage bead necklaces. Now we have many other types of vintage necklace, but I do like the beads the most. Now I collect beads and have many different types so that one day they will be transformed into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other types of jewellery - but there is never enough hours in the day.

    This great bead necklace from Hong Kong circa 1970s is typical of the beads that were predominately in plastic that came from Hong Kong in the 1960s to 1990s. many were unusual colours and shapes. Still around today. Damaged necklaces can be transformed into something wearable and they are just lovely beads that are not made any more.

    These are clay beads with a coating of enamel. Squarish and quite unusual. Vintage and probably around the 1980s - 1990s decade. Now today we have polymer clay that can also be turned into lovely beads that will be unique as you made them yourself.

    Now I have written about carnival glass bead necklaces before but I do love the colour and look. Also known as iridescent necklaces, but I will still call them carnival as that is what I grew up with.Black beads coated with this gorgeous "oil on water" effect. It gives them this shiny blue colour that reflects and changes colours when worn. Not only that they are of good well 


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    I do love collecting old brochures and adverts for vintage jewellery. This one is for scarf clips and I estimate its from the 1960s or early 1970s. Called "Style A Scarf" and produced by Bernard Shaffer Ltd, England. This 8 panel brochure shows how to use a scarf clip and also some of the styles from the sixties.

    Love the eye liner on this lady with the scarf and clip creating a classical bow look.

    Three style for using a scarf clip and scarf continues on the inside page. A cowl neck style that uses a scarf clip with a bar brooch as well. The Ascot Bow ha just an ornate clip with a long scarf that tightens to form a big bow at the front. Now the last how to is a fabulous turban look. So very sixty hippy chick!

    The middle section covers four panels. It shows how to have a beach or summer house look. A great way to keep your hair in place on holiday. Bow Babushka with a square scarf. Western with the scarf fastened to one side. Gypsy creating a hat from a scarf that would be ideal for the beach. Butterfly Bow and Cravat for different looks around the neck.

    This panel shows a further way on how to fold a scarf called the Smoke Ring (circular scarf) and how to use a scarf clip with a bar brooch. There are 7 different vintage scarf clips with antique and modern 1960s fashion styles. This is ideal for dating vintage jewellery.

    Last back panels that explains about the British brand Style-a-scarf and gives two more ideas about using a clip as a pendant and a bracelet.

    Last page has another 8 different ways, so who said vintage scarf clips were limited in use?  

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    Jewels and Finery: Scarf clips 1960s fashion brochure from Style A Sc...: I do love collecting old brochures and adverts for vintage jewellery . This one is for scarf clips and I estimate its from the 1960s or ear...

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  • 10/16/12--04:13: What is a vintage brooch?
  • This is a quick coffee break guide to what is a vintage brooch?
    So to be an original and genuine vintage brooch is to do with its age rather than its good looks. It can either have been produced between the 1920s to the 1990s, or be at least 20 to 25 years old. Not an easy thing to distinguish as there are many vintage brooches on the market, with many of them not being vintage at all but new ones in the style of a vintage brooch and pin. Any piece of jewellery that was made between the Art Deco years of the 1920s and 1930s right up to the last decade of the twenty first century. Is said to be true and real vintage. It is actually easier to look at decades rather than splitting it up into years. Because dating can be difficult - unless you have an advert dated or a brochure or company catalogue.   

    We have many original vintage brooches available on Jewels and Finery. Here are just a few:

    There are many different styles of brooches and the above are just a small selection that we have. Along with antique, modern and small brooch pins available.

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    Yes it's that time of the year. The thrill with Christmas gifts is not in the receiving but the giving. So choosing something to match that person is an art in its self. Especially if anything like my husband. Every year, our family asks for a Christmas list or what does he really want? But nearly every year he can not think what he wants until the very last moment or not at all. So he never gets anything very interesting, as by that time its too late to buy online and the shops are quite depleted.

    A piece of vintage jewellery may not be for everyone. But its something that would not be found in the usual shops. Providing you order early enough or take up the Express delivery option in the last couple of weeks in the UK.

    Here are just a few pieces of vintage jewellery available and as we also sell new jewellery. There are some great designer pieces just right for buying yourself as a Christmas treat.

    We have some gorgeous vintage rhinestone brooches that are so suitable for adding to your Christmas day clothing or attached to a dress for the New year's celebrations.

      How about a genuine vintage stretch bracelet from the 950s to 1960s. Or go for a new version of a vintage style stretch ring to match your stretch bracelet.

    Lots of different choices for Christmas gifts of vintage necklace. The majority of our vintage jewellery is sent in a gift bag or box, so no extra stress of looking for suitable packaging.

    For the man in your life - go a little towards vintage mens jewellery. With tie pins, cufflinks and an assortment of Gothic pieces to look through and choose, as well as "traditional" style ones available.

    Then something to wear over the festive season that is new but a take on the vintage cameo jewellery.

      Just one of the newer cameos that are available and just that little different to wear.

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    With December flying bye, we have been adding more vintage jewellery as well as other types to Jewels & Finery UK. From sparkling party wear to everyday occasion with Christmas brooches, earrings and cameo necklaces. We hope there is something for everyone. We have chosen the most unusual and unique to the more fashionable pieces.

    A hand made Christmas felt brooch by Susie Carol with a wooden happy Christmas tag. Use on clothing or for the more unusual on a present or a Christmas card.

    Red expandable stretch bangle bracelet in a bright red colour. Modern and pre owned jewellery - so not yet vintage.

    Our keyring selection of vintage and new pieces will make great stocking fillers. This stone pebble keyring has "believe" written on it and we have many other styles.

    Large pendant cameo necklaces for Christmas includes Christmas tree and bells designs. New and suitable to wear during the Christmas and holiday season.

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    Reading many articles about the end of the world on the 21st December 2012, early this year. Some so fantastical that you couldn't quite believe and some that common sense told you the answer. The Mayan's calendar ends on the 21st. Does this mean the end of mankind - Now come on they just run out of room at the Mayan Palace and couldn't fit the 22nd in. 

    Then there's the belief that the winter solstice is this year unique, with an alignment of planets that will open up a black hole and let the aliens return to earth. Well that's nothing new, we can not be the only species in the great big galaxy, so why worry about something that you can not control. However it gave me the idea to collect alien jewellery. Having already a growing collection of Egyptian and dragon jewellery, as well as many other costume pieces that I liked. I needed to have something else to focus on. At the start of a collection you buy lots of different pieces and then start to become picky and the collecting slows down. Now with me, its not that I would wear the pieces, but I just like the thrill of hunting down and finding them. 

    So as I was looking for something a bit unusual to collect, alien jewellery seemed like a good idea. This is the result of about 4 to 5 months of collecting.

    Now I would not wear any of them. Well maybe an alien necklace - if the prediction came to pass. However I would never wear it and stand under the space ship and wave a banner say welcome!!

    Alien shaped figural jewellery was more difficult to find. Most was on the cheaper end and a little tacky. This is just 4 necklaces found. All new jewellery and all via Ebay.

    Who hasn't played Space Invaders? This is a very large alien necklace from a place called "Helpless Romantic" from the 1980s. This pink plastic Space Invader pendant is about 4 1/2 inches wide. Helpless Romantic has since folded, but for more perspex jewellery that is fun and would be great to collect try Tatty Devine.

    More tacky new alien jewellery from China, unfortunately the watch does not work and the black coloured alien has a dubious extra piece between its legs!!

    Not much in the way of vintage pieces available. So opted for a few new badges. Then the alien brooch in the middle found by chance recently at a local vintage fayre. No idea how old but unfortunately a small black diamante is missing. No collection would be complete without ET! This pewter coloured ET tack brooch is new and from the US. 

    Had to widen my remit for this collection. Not many aliens about! So went for the theme of space and found this set of earrings and a necklace of a NASA space ship. No idea how old unfortunately. Could find plenty of alien and space ship cufflinks, as well as watches and rings. many with alien images from films but they were new and I really wanted to have more older pieces in this collection. I have brought a pin from the 1969 moon landing and it is on its way from America at this moment.

    Lastly there are quite a few alien keyring. The silver alien face has a light that lights up the eyes and it came in a space saucer shaped tin.  All not new apart from the little plastic ET. I have a few more and yet haven't decided in how to use them, maybe a charm bracelet. I did have a Pixar alien charm bracelet but that seems to have migrated into my daughter's jewellery box.

    I will continue to add to this collection and unfortunately we do not have any aliens on our website Jewels and Finery UK, but plenty of other vintage jewellery as well as new jewellery. How about starting your own collection, it does not have to be aliens? Lots to choose from: flowers, hats, butterflies, shoes, dogs, cats, bugs and so many other great figurals.

    Now for 2013 (as the world is highly unlikely to end on the 21st) what to collect? There was this story of a giant asteroid that hit the earth around 65 billion years ago, and caused a chain reaction that effecteddinosaurs to such an extent that they died out. Mmmm now I have an idea for another strange but fun collection.

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    One of the great producers of vintage jewellery in the UK was Ciro Pearls. Although an English jewellery company, they sold worldwide with shops in America, London, Manchester, Glasgow and many other places. We will be showing a brochure/book from the company, just one of many produced by them. This one was from around the Coronation in 1953 of Queen Elizabeth. The books were not dated but although they looked the same, they were different.

    This edition starts with photographs of the replica Crown Jewels that they made and were on display around the UK, during the Coronation year.  Below is the St Edward's Crown.

    The jewels were commissioned by the owners of Kemsley newspapers. It appears several sets were made and were much more than stage property. It cost in the 1950s, about £10,000 to produce them - I wonder where they are now?

    Top three crowns in order: Imperial Crown of State, St Edward's Crown, Imperial Crown of India.
    Below the top three: Prince of Wale's Crown, The Modena Crown.

    Above is the Ampulla in the shape of a golden eagle, which contains the oil that is included for anointing the Sovereign. The Golden Spoon into which the oil is poured.

    On Jewels & Finery UK, you will find some of the vintage pieces produced by Ciro of Bond Street. Some were signed and will be on designer jewellery, but many of their items were not signed. Famous for their pearl necklaces and sparkling rhinestone brooches.

    Then there are reproduction jewellery of the actual Crown Jewels. This is the small pin brooch of the anointing spoon.

    This is just the first 3 pages from the Ciro Pearls book and during 2013, we will be showing the rest including some dress clips and pearl necklaces with their distinct clasps. Have a Happy Christmas.



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    At long last we have a new look to our vintage jewellery website. Hope you like it? We still have to make a few tweaks but nearly there.

    Here are just a few of the latest additions to Jewels and Finery.

    Now I have always believed things happen for a reason, whether we like it or not. Strange things also happen - that we can not explain. Like the fact that white feathers kept appearing (and disappearing) with not a feather pillow in sight. Then I read an article that said white feathers could be a  sign of a guardian angel! Well this happened just before I became quite ill with the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I haven't found any feathers since then?? 
    Well to the point, today I have tried to add an old lucky charm of Joan The Wad, queen of the pixies. She is an old Cornish folk lore that is said to bring good luck when owned. Well I have tried 3 times in total to list this on our website. Once a few weeks ago and twice today. In spite of adding many other products at the same time - this one charm has failed every time, with something going wrong with the technology and not saving the text description. So Joan the Wad, something is telling me to keep you. Do you believe in these "signs" or not?


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    Well with Christmas day over and Boxing day just half over we have started our great Winter Sale of vintage jewellery right through to our new jewellery collections. In fact everything on Jewels and Finery UK has a 25% reduction (if over £1.40). This special discount is available from Boxing day and finishes on the 12th January 2013. It will automatically be applied at the checkout.

    So have a look at what we have in vintage jewellery:

    Fabulous vintage brooches that were produced before the 1990s. This one has sparkling emerald green rhinestone with a gold plate setting. Early twentieth century estimated date that is European in origin.

    Then we have also:

    Vintage earrings both clip on earrings and ear earrings. This pair are vintage angel wing clip on earrings with single diamante stones.

    Then not forgetting:

    Our original vintage necklaces and pre owned ones. This photograph is of two faux pearl necklaces for the price of one.

    Not only does Jewels & Finery UK sell vintage jewellery but also new jewellery with a collection from Susie Carol of cameo jewellery. All are unique and available in just small limited editions.

    There are over 1,000 different items on our fabulous website. So many are unique and original that you will be spoilt for choice. You will find essential earring backs for replacing ones lost of unsuitable. Then we have good quality clip earring pads and cushion pads/pillows for extra comfort and to help with their fit. They are not the cheaper sticky pad ones but in a plastic that helps with grip and a soft support for comfort. Just right for your vintage earrings. 

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    Happy New Year 2013....We have started this year with a new collection of vintage buttons. Over the last few years we at Jewels & Finery UK have amassed a huge amount of vintage buttons that are in all ages, shapes, amounts, sizes and materials. Some for collecting and some for using to embellish many garments to give a vintage style and look along with your vintage jewellery.

    From metallic style vintage heraldic buttons that are quite large.

    Just a few red buttons in plastic. Great to sew onto a top or jacket.

    These are just a few examples, with many more to be added shortly.

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    Merry suggested this months vintage jewellery COW of unsigned beauties for the Jewelry Ring forum on Yahoo. There is a huge amount of vintage brooches, earrings, necklace, scarf clips, bracelet and many more pieces that are unsigned. Here is our gallery of photographs on just some of the ones we have. If I have counted right there are 37 different unsigned beauties to view below.

       Huge blue and green rhinestone vintage clip earrings - sorry but already sold.

    Ceramic vintage clip on earrings - brooches like this can also be found - unsigned.

    Butterscotch clip earrings

    Big drop clip earrings with turquoise coloured cabochon.
    Spiky vintage clip on earrings - very large.

    Love the colours in this large rhinestone vintage brooch.

    Spiked rhinestone brooch.

    This is a superb vintage brooch with a rich yellow gold plate.

    Another unsigned beauty with a safety chain.

    You don't often see many vulture brooches and this one is on the larger size.

    Enamel and tin acorn brooch - so detailed.

    Horse brooch with plique a jour detail.

    Love these cute rabbits on this enamel brooch.

    Think this one is so stylish and pretty - unsigned.

    The colours on this gorgeous rhinestone brooch with a faux opal middle are just stunning.

    This is in my own collection from my grandmother and so colourful star fish brooch.

    Very pretty rhinestone flower brooch with pale yellow, topaz and amber coloured stones.

    Not sure what this animal is but unusual and unsigned.

    Silver vintage marcasite brooch of a peacock.
    Unsigned trembler flower brooch. 

    Large shoulder brooch of a panther - unsigned.

    Enamel and marcasite flower brooch - just a bit unusual!

    In own collection - three headed dragon brooch.

    Another one from my own collection - a flying horse enamel brooch.

    Cranberry red glass rhinestone and clear rhinestone brooch.

    This one is a bit different star shaped brooch with clear stones and a silver tone setting.

    Large flower basket brooch.

    I do like the colour green in this rhinestone European brooch.
    Enamel floral brooch in bright colours.

    Vintage scarf clip with faux pearls and detailed conkers and leaves.
    Unsigned mens tie clip and a pair of buttons with red cherry detail.
    Copper and red enamel cuff bangle - not sure how old this is but a beautiful unsigned artisan piece.

    Treble strand glass bead necklace in blue and pearl. Like the blue beads with bits on the outside, not sure what this technique is called?
    Pretty clip earrings think there are necklaces to match available but unsigned.

    Aquamarine coloured necklace.

    Last but not least a lion necklace.
    All the above are unsigned beauties. Thank you for looking.

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    The weather is cold and the mornings through to the evenings still dark and dismal. So we have added some great vintage brooches for this month. All new to Jewels and Finery UK along with other vintage jewellery that we have lined up for the start of this New Year.

    Here are just a few to look at:

    A fabulous 1960s vintage flower basket brooch.

    A pin wheel vintage star brooch.

    Red cranberry vintage rhinestone brooch.

    Diamante butterfly brooch with black enamel.

    More will be added over the next few days. Most are usually available as one, so once gone they are gone.

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    The company Ciro Pearls produced some fabulous vintage jewellery here in the UK. Distributed world wide and famous for their pearl necklaces and vintage brooches. They produced a series of catalogues showing some great pieces. This is part two in our blog series and is from a 1953 catalogue that shows the reproduction crown jewels that they made for the coronation.

    This page shows the Orb of England, The Consort Orb, St George's spurs and the bracelets of Sincerity. All gold coloured jewels with precious stones reproduced in coloured glass. Very well done and I would love to know where they are now?

    Above shows the Maces used in the coronation and the Royal Sceptre.

    One of the Ciro showrooms were at Old Bond Street in London. The company usually had space in high class stores across the UK.

    An other showroom was at 178 Regents street in London. They were quite luxuriant and had separate chair and small tables. You would sit down and have a shop assistant bring the now vintage jewellery over to you where you would try on and then decide.

    Some latest additions to Jewels & Finery UK:

    Next part to this series will be blogged soon.

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    The COW for the Jewelry ring this time is peacock and fantasy birds. So here are a few vintage bird brooches that qualify. One of the most used designs in vintage jewellery right up to today, because of all the beautiful colours and different interpretations.

    This is an enamel peacock brooch. with faux marcasite.

    Enamel bird with bright colours - this has been made over a long period and I think still made today.

    This is an old vintage bird brooch of enamel.

    Like this little peacock brooch pin with googly eyes and bright feathers.

    This is a Charles Horner vintage peacock brooch.

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    On a previous blog we have information that vintage jewellery by Hollywood was made in Birmingham and by the Bloxidge Brothers. This information came from 2 separate sources not on the internet. However since then we have had messages that Hollywood was produced by D Ackerman and Sons LTD of London. So we did some more digging and found an advert from 1939.

    It does in fact say that D Ackerman and Sons LTD of Great Portland Street London are the creators of Exclusive fashion jewellery - However I was informed that the Bloxidge Brothers made Hollywood jewellery. So they could be making this brand for this company at this time (1930s). Or we have been informed by two people and they are both wrong?  This needs more research as the answer.

    The 1930s advert also says they were the creators of Ainette jewellery brand. Not at present have any information on this vintage jewellery.

    The piece shows a now vintage bow brooch, earrings, bracelet and an imitation pearl necklace. It also has the information that they have reproduction pearls, paste, gilt, silver and jewellery.

    On the back of this advert is another company as it was taken from a trade catalogue of 1939. It is for Pri Aur. Its the trade name for jewellery produced by W H Collins, Excelda Works, Rookery, Birmingham.

    Pri Aur covers a wide range of fancy jewellery in 9 ct gold, sterling silver and rolled gold. The Birmingham  company made earrings, brooches, crosses, necklets, bracelets and charms. They also produced a wide range of gifts for baby including rattles and spoons with pusher sets in H M silver and EPNS (silver plate)
    This factory also made life long pencils which I believe are marked Pri Aur.

    Would like to know any more information if you have any to share. 

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    The COW (topic of the week) for JR is mermaids and sea people vintage jewellery. Having no mermaids I would like to show this vintage brooch from Vogue Jewelry.
    It is a crab person brooch from the Vogue's horoscope series. Representing Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd), one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

    Its a bit awkward to photograph as on an angle.

    Here's the brooches back photograph below.

    And the Vogue Jewelry signature for interest (magnified a little).

    This vintage brooch is not for sale. Not that I am this Zodiac sign but I just like the unique look!
    Here are some fish brooches both old and newer on Jewels & Finery UK.  We also have boats, anchors, shells and other sea creatures and related brooches on here.

    More fish brooches to view. The fish brooch below is in bright enamel colours.

    The above cameo brooch is by Susie Carol and new.  

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    Every day we have people post either to our email address or to our blog the burning question "My vintage jewellery - What is it worth?" Unfortunately we can not answer these questions as we do not have the time. But we also feel that anyone with a little bit of research and genuine interest will be able to gauge the value themselves.
    So how do you research? First of all look at the back of the vintage brooch is it signed?

    Designer jewellery - vintage rose brooch signed Exquisite

    If it is signed then undertake a search for that signature and look at a few pages for information as they will differ. Find out when that company were producing vintage jewellery. This will give you an idea of dates in between that your piece was made. Remember that some companies would only sign their vintage jewellery after 1955 and that if it has aurora borealis stones then again they were produced after the mid 1950s. 

         Sarah Coventry brooch - Water Lily dated to the 1960s.

    Next if it is signed then look for a similar piece. E.G search Hollywood brooches or Sarah Coventry brooches. You may be able to find the one you are researching. Again look at more than one search result. This will give you an average price range for that piece.It will all also depend on condition and does it have all the original diamante or rhinestones. The condition will value the piece higher (unused condition) or lower (poor condition with stones missing) that your search results.

    Can not find a signature? Then look for a similar vintage brooch or vintage necklace. Just by browsing original vintage jewellery you will be able to get a feel for the price range for unsigned beauties. Be careful as many websites now have vintage jewellery advertised and they only sell new jewellery that is vintage in style, so exclude these from your search.

    Faux pearl necklace

    Want to sell your vintage jewellery. If you have many items then go to an auction house locally. They will be able to tell you what you are selling and if it is costume or gold/silver. Just one vintage brooch or vintage necklace. Then try Ebay. Make sure that your starting price covers fees and your postage, then anything that you get over from this is a bonus. 

    We at Jewels & Finery do not buy any item over the internet that is offered to us. We have our preferred suppliers already.

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    Important changes happened within W A P Watson Ltd with Exquisite jewellery. Up until 1954 the company has manufactured their now vintage jewellery and sold to shops and other places as a wholesaler. Their whole range of Exquisite jewellery was not really attributed to them. But in 1954, the company built a whole new factory in Solihull and moved from the center of Birmingham in the Jewellery Quarter. After this move this policy was produced and distributed to the people working there.

    Instead of just selling their jewellery it now became "Exquisite jewellery Ltd" a subsidiary of WAP Watson Ltd. They brought in more control of their distribution. Introduced new lines into their production. In fact the 1950s very a fabulous time for many manufacturers. Post war and still with rationing in place until much later in the decade. The country was crying out for jewellery. No longer having to worry about war, bombings and no supplies coming into the UK. WAP Watson found it difficult to keep up with the demand.    

    In an attempt to bring in a higher class to their range. Exquisite had some imported pieces incorporated. We know that they brought some from Boucher in the US. They also estimated that about 2 million pieces of now vintage jewellery would be produced in one year.

    This policy produced shows some of the now vintage brooches, vintage necklaces and vintage earring that was available at that time. This helps with dating them. It also shows views of the factory in Solihull that is long gone and now a large housing estate. I don't think any of the roads and building are named after this company either. Which goes to show how little known how important this company was in the UK. It was the second largest seller of costume jewellery in the UK. The first probably being Coro. Why do we not celebrate our heritage like the US does I will never know?

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    This is the third part of the Ciro Pearls vintage jewellery catalogue. During the Second World war. Almost every jewellery company turned their factory over to producing goods that enabled the war effort against Germany. Patriotism was strong and because of this whole hearted effort by the many companies, it enabled the war to be won. However it had a detrimental effect on our industry and in the fifties enough jewellery could not be produced with the restrictions on metals still in place.
    An article was written in this catalogue that explains how Ciro Pearls has improved over the last 15 years. I like how the aftercare included restringing of the necklets and pearl necklaces - real and faux.

    The next pages show the show rooms in different parts of the UK in large department stores.

    The showrooms include ones in Reading (Heelas), Wolverhampton (Beaties), Kingston-On-Thames (Bentalls) and Bournemouth (Robinson & Cleaver). they looked very plush with tables and comfortable chairs in which you sat and chose your necklace or earrings. Complete with mirrors to try on before buying. A far cry from today's stands that have very little room around and no mirrors. However trying on earrings that someone else may have tried on before. Still makes me cringe.

    Further black and white photographs of showrooms in Browns of  Chester and Griffin & Spalding in Nottingham. In this article it was noted that younger women in their teens were becoming more fashion conscious. So Ciro Pearls has decided to stock necklets suitable for teens as before they would make one to size by order only.

    Finally a photograph of the lovely actress Miss Janet Leigh, star of Scaramouche wearing a treble pearl choker by Ciro Pearls.

    Above not a Ciro Pearls pearl necklace but a modern pre owned one that has fringe detail. 

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