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Welcome to my Jewel's jewellery blog. I am a geek vintage fashion blogger of the old and new. Join my world as I explore jewellery and fashion from past to present with weird and wacky to the so so normal. Being a jewellery geek and nerd that likes the unusual and different mixed with history has its advantages. Stand out from the crowd.

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    Having now almost completed our different collections. I thought I would look at amber jewellery and also amber brooches.

     Amber glass vintage bracelet

    We have included both real tree resin amber and also amber coloured items  in the collections.

    So here is a little about the fossilized tree resin amber which is a natural plastic and was formed from trees that grew many million years ago.

    It is used in jewellery but also in perfume and as a medicine by some cultures. 
    Amber is mostly seen as a glorious orange yellow colour and material. But there are other amber colours such as blue, cherry amber to nearly black around. The shades can vary so much, which makes it interesting to collect. Occasionally the amber would have captured an insect during its liquid state. Though this is rare, but a manufacture will sometimes add an insect to raise the value of the amber as it is highly prized. It is a thermoplastic resin that can be heated to soften and then remolded many times. Tests for amber include heating a pin - which will go easily into the material, but this needs to be done in a place where it can not be seen and is not recommended.

    Genuine amber vintage jewellery is now harder to find. So we sourced some new pieces that had a vintage style to them.

     Amber rhinoceros brooch in silver

    Amber coloured glass and other plastics have been popular across the decades. From the 1950s to the 1980s, produced large glass stone brooches, necklaces and earrings. The colour amber is used for spacer beads as they enhance other coloured beads. In fact if you look closely - the colour amber may not be the main colour in today's jewellery but often lurking in the background.

    Black and amber plastic necklace 

    Cairngorm glass stone in a grouse foot vintage brooch. A yellow amber coloured stone typical in  Scottish jewellery
    Beautiful amber coloured five strand vintage necklace
    Thankfully we leave February behind. Not a great month in more ways than one, but at least I have now lost weight with a regime of diet and exercise. Not wanting to buy any new clothes until I drop 2 dress sizes I am having difficulty finding a pair of non belted trousers that stay up!  

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    There are many ways to date vintage jewellery, but today I have one way that has not been covered before.  Here is a photograph of an Adrian Mann vintage brooch produced in 1984. It is in a Scottish jewellery designed in silver tone with a mock Cairngorm stone in the center of the thistle flower. Also on the page is a plain gold tone bangle.

    Vintage knitting pattern for women - sweaters

    The jewellery is on a vintage knitting pattern for a woman's sweater. Easy to date as the pattern has a date inside. Also they have actually put the name of the jewellery supplier. Most times on patterns the jewellery is not named or dated but occasionally I do come across one such as this.

    This last week we have added over 30 new pieces to Jewels and Finery. Here are just a few..

    Ceramic white anemone flower vintage brooch in white vintage brooches

    Diamante clip on earrings by Pell - in our vintage clip on earrings collection.
    1960s vintage necklace with matching screw back earrings by Coro in silver tone and mock coral coloured cabochon. 
    Just a few exciting jewellery pieces - as we source the unusual and often unique style. Not found on the high street.

    Well it does look as though spring has arrived early in the UK. Good weather has meant that we have been able to start a major renovation on our front garden. Taking out all the overgrown shrubbery and trees. My plan is to have a more colourful and productive front garden this and subsequent years.

    Here is a photograph as to what it looks like now.

    Overgrown with ivy and the soil is awful and so dry. My husband does not have a clue when it comes to gardening so he lets me carry on and he just does the clearing and some heavy stuff. I said in a blog a while back about loosing some weight. So I have joined a gym - which I enjoy using (especially the pool and jacuzzi) This gardening is also helping, along with eating better foods. Have lost weight as finding my clothes are not fitting!

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    At long last we have a new look to our vintage jewellery website. Hope you like it? We still have to make a few tweaks but nearly there.

    Here are just a few of the latest additions to Jewels and Finery.

    Now I have always believed things happen for a reason, whether we like it or not. Strange things also happen - that we can not explain. Like the fact that white feathers kept appearing (and disappearing) with not a feather pillow in sight. Then I read an article that said white feathers could be a  sign of a guardian angel! Well this happened just before I became quite ill with the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I haven't found any feathers since then?? 
    Well to the point, today I have tried to add an old lucky charm of Joan The Wad, queen of the pixies. She is an old Cornish folk lore that is said to bring good luck when owned. Well I have tried 3 times in total to list this on our website. Once a few weeks ago and twice today. In spite of adding many other products at the same time - this one charm has failed every time, with something going wrong with the technology and not saving the text description. So Joan the Wad, something is telling me to keep you. Do you believe in these "signs" or not?


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    We at Jewels and Finery have written many guide to cleaning vintage jewellery on our website. Our latest is for cleaning gemstone jewellery. After writing this latest guide we thought it would be more unique to write the more definitive guide to cleaning gemstones here. Have fun and enjoy!

    All gemstone jewellery will get dirty over time including  vintage jewellery and antique jewellery.
    This is a definitive guide to cleaning your gemstone jewellery, but if ever in doubt then consult a specialist jeweler.

    Ideally you should wipe your jewellery with a soft lint free cloth after wear to remove any oil or salts. But just occasionally you should try to clean it a more thoroughly with a cleaning solution or by a machine method such as steam or ultrasonic cleaning. Care should be taken with gems though and the following is the definitive guide to the care of individual stones (prong set into a piece of jewellery and not glued in place).

    Normal care of cloth wiping and can use a steam cleaner but NOT a ultrasonic cleaner.
    This green good luck gemstone should also be worn with care if you are having liposuction surgery. That is why all jewellery is removed prior to this technique. Some forms of liposuction uses ultrasonic waves and if the gem is loose in its setting it can fall out into the wound. It will give you a lumpy skin appearance which kind of defeats the lipo' process! 


    Take extra care not to expose this gemstone for long periods to sunlight as it can fade the colour. Wipe care suitable with the use of a steam cleaner but NOT an ultrasonic cleaner.

    So we recommend that you should remove your favorite amethyst jewellery set of earrings, necklace, ring, body piercings and ankle chain. Why? Because wrapped in towels from head to foot by the sun soaked pool side is not a good look. However on the other hand you will have lovely un-faded amethysts, pity about the tan though! 


    Wipe care suitable with steam cleaning suitable as well. Not to use an ultrasonic cleaner though.

    This beautiful blue calming Aquamarine gem should not under any circumstances be cleaned with the surgical instruments following your liposuction treatment. Defiantly not a good idea to slip it into the dirty surgical tool tray as you pass by on the trolley. You may never see it again, as well as the strong chance of being sued by the surgical cosmetic company for damages ensued. 


    Wipe care suitable with steam cleaning recommended but NOT the use of an ultrasonic cleaner.

    The lovely lemon coloured Citrine stone is thought to aid digestion. This is by wearing it, not swallowing that pretty yellow citrine ring. The resulting ultrasonic MRI scan will probably damage the gem. That is the MRI scan that you will be sent for to discover why you are have excruciating stomach pains. Besides would you want to wear it again when you finally get it back!   


    Both clear and colour enhanced diamonds will benefit from routine wipe care. They can be cleaned more thoroughly in a steam and an ultrasonic cleaner.

    Diamond are a girls best friend. They are so tough that they will stand the endless washing up, perpetual house cleaning, obligatory gardening, washing the families clothes (have you noticed that nearly every garment says hand-wash now days?), cleaning the windows including the ones upstairs. If you fall you will break everything accept your diamond necklace, bathing the kids, changing nappies, washing the dog (though don't let him eat your diamond ring....), shopping for frozen food, cleaning the freezer and fridge........... Diamonds are so tough.


    Only recommended to use a wipe cleaning method. NOT to be cleaned in a steam or ultrasonic cleaner.

    So this is one of the pussies of the gemstone world. You can not steam clean the carpets or have liposuction. Just because your other half said that your thighs were a little on the large size and you need to keep looking good for him. Why should you stop wearing that fabulous pair of emerald earrings - so this is what you could do? 
    Take up all the carpets and create a grunge look of bare floor boards for all your friends to admire.  No more steam cleaning and a problem of the steam getting at your Emerald earrings.
    As for the liposuction problem - you send the other half for liposuction on his head, because that thickness you've noticed is soooo unattractive and needs a quick therapeutic remedy. Along with throwing all his clothes out of the bedroom window onto the front lawn.     


    Normal wipe care with NO steam or ultrasonic cleaning. This gemstone does not like extremes of heat and will crack if its structural water is lost. So keep away from drying condition.

    We therefore do not recommend a days safari trekking across the sun soaked desert on those lovely creatures called camels - wearing that full opal parure. The opal studded tiara will keep slipping off in the heat and may crack the opals needed replacements. Then that dratted spitting drooling camel will keep trying to eat the Opal ring...........   


    Again wipe clean only with a moist cloth drying after well. They can also be rinsed under water and then dried by gently patting with a dry cloth. This rinsing method is not recommended for a necklace as the string will deteriorate over time more rapidly. 
    The same Above methods can be used for vintage faux pearl jewellery, but test in a place that can not be seen first - that the pearl coating will not deteriorate and come off when using a moist method. Some of the fish scale coated vintage jewellery will do this - so be very careful.

    A moist cloth is one rung after soaking in water so that it feels just damp. Trying to wipe with an un-rung cloth is just a little plain silly. Because the odds are that pools of water will fall on your bare floor boards and you will slip over breaking your hip. Then you have to remove the glamorous pearl necklace, even though that awful nurse asked you too. Well you do want to look good for that dishy young surgeon. Knowing you luck because you have not worn your Alexandrite earrings all day - the string breaks and the lovely pearl beads cascade down the blood soaked trolley. So gracefully and in slow motion as they do in the movies with that dishy surgeon looking on gowned and masked - you do love a man in uniform. Then a few pearls lodge right by your new hip unnoticed. Not only does your leg stick out at an odd angle but it hurt like mad. As for the dishy surgeon, he heads of into the golden sunset with that awful nurse who is not wearing pearls and leaves you behind having corrective surgery.    


    Wipe clean care only NOT to use an ultrasonic cleaner or clean by the steam method. This gorgeous gemstone will damage under extreme temperature conditions so do not expose.

    Another pussy of the gems world even though it is found on Mars. So for alien abduction you must not wear that lovely green Peridot pendant. Because the odds are (now do we have to mention lucky Alexandrite earrings again??) that the aliens are from Mercury. Just because its a little hotter there than earth or Mars for that matter - it will damage your Peridot pendant. In this situation a girls got to think of her appearance and lets face it ET is kind of cute in a funny lumpy gray matter sort of way. Again be careful of those wounds caused by the alien probes and the surgical instrument tray. Just stay clear as your purse hasn't quite recovered from last time. Alien also do not deal in money just planets for compensation. Maybe Flash that diamond pendant instead, along with your eyes is a good idea. Getting hitched to your lumpy gray alien being will protect you and your gemstones from alien domination. They have come to take our precious resource - all plant life by force. The fact this will leave gemstones billions of years in the future in short supply is totally not your problem. That is if there is anyone left of the human race to create gemstone jewellery.......      


    This gemstone will benefit from a wipe clean regime. Be warned that fillers are often used to fill the stones cavities and tiny microscopic voids, so is susceptible to damage from heat and some chemicals. Both steam cleaning and the ultrasonic method of cleaning is suitable.

    Maybe this is the red gemstone to invest in? Lets face it a lot of work involved in taking up your carpets, so you will not have to steam clean them. Then when that bitchy neighbor from two doors down mentions that the Ruby stones match your eyes - you can accidentally on purpose blast her with the steam cleaner in your hand. She does not have her Alexandrite earrings on today (Lucky for you). But she does chase you around the neighbor hood on that spitting camel that she has tethered in her back garden. Something about opal ring and loosing it on her romantic holiday with Lawrence of the Arabia Geoff from three doors down.     


    Gentle wipe clean method is ideal. Again a gemstone that has fillers for its voids and cavities, so more prone to heat and some chemical damage. Can be cleaned more thoroughly in a steam or ultrasonic cleaner.

    An ideal gorgeous blue gemstone to wear, especially as you now have to help a vet with an injured camel. The ultrasound paddle just keeps getting a little close to your beautiful Sapphire ring. Do you really care that that vile creature, who drooled all over your jumper when chasing you down the street and then stumbled over the tree stump (left over from that recent alien invasion) has some tissue injury? No but the vet is just a tad dishy. But be careful and don't become too distracted looking into that gorgeous hunks deep blue eyes over a camel. The animals sedation may not be too good and it does have a liking for eating rings even Sapphire ones........  


    Routine wipe clean care only, NOT to be cleaned by the steam or ultrasonic method. Another beautiful gemstone that can be damaged by extreme temperature changes.

    Your sparkling blue Tanzanite bracelet is the most favourite piece of jewellery you now wear.
    Besides the gorgeous hunk of a vet brought it for you. Well your lumpy gray alien soul mate of yesterday has had to go back home pretty sharpish, leaving you heart broken and all alone. Why did the world's armies have to be such spoil sports and fight the alien invasion? At least you remember to be careful with this lovely Tanzanite bracelet and not wear it when you had that secret weekend away with Lawrence of Arabia Geoff at his villa in Egypt and that day of hot trekking on a camel - well that drooling animal did reminded you of your vet and how you first met. But now you so wish that you had taken it of before cooking Dishy Vet a lovely romantic meal. It accidentally fell onto the baking potatoes in the microwave. Those flashing light are nothing to do with love and cupid stars, just the microwave and potatoes on fire.         


    Wipe clean method only, NOT suitable for ultrasonic and steam cleaning methods. Colour treated topaz gems will fade under sunlight, so do not expose them to the sun for long periods.

    With Topaz gemstone available in so many pretty colours, you have chosen a multi coloured topaz necklace to wear today. You brought it as compensation for your Dishy Vet hot footing it out of your apartment, just because the microwave fire had set fire to the curtains and settee. He left you in a dangerous fire situation. So much for undying love and all that rubbish! But those wonderful firemen rescued you and carried you to safety. However you are now wondering if it was such a good idea to wear your pretty Topaz necklace when bitchy neighbor from two doors down found out about you and Lawrence of Arabia Geoff's little secret affair. Staked alongside Lawrence of Arabia Geoff  to the roof of his villa in Egypt, you worry that weeks of exposure to the sun will ruin your Topaz necklace. Because no one knows you and Lawrence of Arabia Geoff are secretly there.  



    Give this piece of gemstone jewellery a wipe clean. You may also clean with a steam cleaner but NOT an ultrasonic cleaner.

    Sporting a fabulous green Tourmaline brooch, you stand in the witness stand and give evidence against bitchy neighbor two doors down. Rescued by the fireman friends from your house fire, so lucky that they were on a stag weekend in Egypt (never leave home without wearing your lucky Alexandrite earrings) and were taking up your kind offer of a jacuzzi party. Lawrence of Arabia Geoff was not so lucky and hospitalized long term for damage to a part of his anatomy. The sparkling light from your Topaz necklace had kept the vultures away from you, but the gemstones had unfortunately faded. Lawrence of Arabia Geoff was not so lucky from the vultures out hunting worms to eat. 
    You've also now brought one of those new inventions called ovens instead of a microwave. Well a girl can not be too careful with her gems. Back to the court room and the Topaz brooch pinned to your top catches the eye of the judge; and you smile. 


    Preserve this gemstone with a wipe clean. The colour enhanced zircons will fade when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. Can use a steam cleaner but NOT an ultrasonic cleaner.

    Now you have learnt your lesson on not wearing gemstones that are likely to fade when exposed to sunlight for long periods. So your Zircon antique jewellery set remains inside the villa in Egypt with all your other jewels and a gorgeous Opal tiara you found in the kitchen. 
    The Zircon jewellery was brought as a gift by your new boyfriend Judge Dave, who is so thoughtful and just happens to be sitting next to your sun lounger. Lawrence of Arabia Geoff strides like a cowboy across the villa's patio. Shame about his voice that's never been the same since Bitchy Neighbor's revenge staking. He has a tray of cooling drinks from the kitchen for you and Judge Dave. The patio slabs are now clean, sparkling and ready for the BBQ party, Its been steam cleaned by a few lads from the fire service. The firemen have now started on the villa's carpets with strict instruction not to go anywhere near your Peridot pendant stored in a space cruiser parked in the hall way.  The smell of roasting camel reaches your nostrils, cooked tenderly by that dishy surgeon from the pearl incident. Turns out Bitchy neighbor was that awful nurse and you did not recognize her in her uniform. Pity she's doing a ten year stretch for attempted murder. On the other sun loungers by the pool is your Lumpy Gray Alien Being and a few of his alien friends. He brought a few mates to help clear the grounds for a larger pool, just because you mentioned to him your need for a larger one with all the friends you now have. He is so thoughtful too. The aliens are relaxing and enjoying a drink after a day's hard work. 

    Isn't life and gemstones wonderful you think to yourself, providing you care for them well. But it does seem a lot of trees and grass cleared for one bigger pool........      

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    Time to write a blog has been too little just lately, but this beautiful May Sunday morning is the exception.
    So today lets look at the vintage jewellery craze from the 1970s - green gemstone chip jewellery.
    Chip brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets were definitely in. The idea was that the green gemstone chips were fashionable Jade. But with the price of Jade, in many cases a lower costing gemstone was used in costume jewellery or even sometimes green plastic chips.

    Jade was one of the favourite amulet gemstones used over the centuries. It is said to have the properties of stabilizing your aura and so getting rid of dysfunctional energy and promoting relaxation, compassion and contentment.

    How do you tell what gemstone was used - with difficulty, we use a gemstone tester to verify what the gem is.
    Mostly the gemstone Chrysoprase was used as a Jade substitute but also Aventurine.

    Chrysoprase is an apple green semi precious gemstone, often seen with brown earthy coloured chips with it. Now very fashionable in its own right, it is said to have the properties to bring about good luck and success. It is also an earth gemstone that conveys the harmonious energy of nature.

    Aventurine can be identified by its sparkly appearance with a green ocean colour. This stone is said to calm the emotions and stabilize them. It is also said to promote spiritual growth and increase your tranquility.

    So with so many green gemstone chip pieces from the 70s still around and priced reasonably. They are great to collect and have a benefit when worn.     

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  • 05/16/12--02:28: Celtic Penannular Brooches
  • A very popular design in Celtic jewellery is the penannular brooch. One original brooch was found in Ireland and was said to be from the Medieval period in history (6 - 7 AD). It seems that they were poplar in England, Scotland and Ireland during this period. But this shape brooch has been found in the Iron Age, Viking and Roman periods.

    Originally the pin could move freely around the ring and was used to fasten cloaks and other loose woven cloth garments.  Unisex brooch that was favored by men on the shoulders to fasten cloaks and by women who wore this just below their neckline and in between their bosom. The pin part is worn facing upwards.


    Today the penannular brooch is reproduced in one piece and represents the original brooch pin.  Made by many companies with the Mizpah signed ones most found for vintage designer jewellery. Who's designs are now owned by the company Miracle

    Great Celtic piece of reproduction jewellery to wear on a coat lapel or a hat. 

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  • 05/30/12--07:33: May dragonfly brooches
  • Jewels and Finery has added more dragonfly brooches to our dragonfly jewellery collection. These little guys appear in early summer of the month of June, flitting around the UK ponds and rivers. Here are just some of the brooch versions to attach to clothing or bags. Get summery....

    This jazzy dragonfly brooch pin has glitter enamel that is covered with a clear enamel to preserve the colour. Wear this little fellow on a jacket, sleeve or hat.

    This pretty white faux pearl dragonfly brooch will be added shortly. But remember we usually have just one available as we sell mostly true vintage or pre owned jewellery.

    This sparkling dragonfly brooch is available in a few different colours. All with a sparkle that only comes with Swarovski crystal diamante.

    Now we do have butterfly brooches and all sort of bug jewellery.

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    For the Jewelry Ring I have compiled this vintage jewellery selection with pieces from designers/manufacturers beginning with G and H.
    First I will start with Charles Horner of Halifax, UK. They also had a show room at Frederick Street in Birmingham, UK, which is why we come across a large number of their productions.

    Charles Horner LTD (1860 - 1984) is renowned for its silver jewellery in Art Nouveau, Dorcas thimbles and silver hat pins. However they also made costume jewellery. Most of their silver pieces are marked and can be distinguished as belonging to the Charles Horner factory, but most of the costume pieces were not.

     Here are just 3 of the mock marcasite vintage brooches from Charles Horner. All are unmarked accept the pelican bird which has CH stamped on the beak's back part.It has numbers in front of the CH but we can not distinguish what they say.

    Bird brooch with enamel by Charles Horner. The circles that glint like marcasite are stamped (see the reverse photo coming up) Signed vintage brooch.

      Bow vintage brooch with stamped silver metal detail. Blue enamel on the edges. Produced by Charles Horner.

     Sailing ship vintage brooch by Charles Horner Does not appear to have any enamel originally. A lot of these great pins have some enamel detail but it wears off, leaving just a little colour in the edges/circle stampings.

    Back view to brooches. All have C shaped fastenings.
    For more Charles Horner jewellery see our designer jewellery collection. It includes some of his other mock marcasite pieces and cameo brooches of casein. Will write another blog shortly just on Horner pieces as we have many more to show.

    Hong Kong jewellery.

    Some fabulous beads are still available from Hong Kong as well as other items such as earrings and bracelets. The beads are usually in plastic but come in a fabulous range of shapes and colours.  Here are just a few.

     White bead torsade necklaces signed Hong Kong.

     Three strand green bead necklace. Lots of different shapes to the beads in this one. Hook fastening where it is signed Hong Kong.

    A very long green bead vintage necklace with waxy beads. The strand has fixed beads where they are attached to the string. Signed on the clasp.

    For other Hong Kong jewellery on Jewels and Finery. We also have repair necklaces that need restringing on Jewels and Finery Craft that includes some Hong Kong beads.

    Hollywood Jewellery.

    Hollywood jewellery was produced from the early 1900s up to the 1970s by the Bloxidge Brothers in Birmingham. They made costume jewellery that was fairly cheap and cheerful. They were at one point the main supplier of jewellery for Woolworths.

    Very large flower vintage brooch by Hollywood in a gold tone metal.

    Not all their pieces are signed but this one is. It is always HOLLYWOOD in block capital.

    For more Hollywood jewellery.  

    Germany made jewellery.

    The G that we have photographed for Germany (other than what is in our designer jewellery collection) is by Christian Dior and these are big earrings.

    All of the pieces are not for sale at present shown in this blog, but will be shortly.


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    We at Jewels and Finery have introduced our Daily Jewels bargains. Each day we will have half price vintage jewellery on offer. That is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - there will be three pieces of jewellery, not only vintage but antique, pre owned and our brand new range. They will only be on this low price for 24 hours and then they will return to their full price if unsold.

    However on Friday to Monday - the whole long weekend will see SIX pieces of jewellery at half price. Again if unsold on Monday they will go back to full price. We have over 800 pieces of different jewellery to choose from at random, so keep watching.

    So to kick of Wednesday's to Thursday's Daily Jewels, we have three stunners to start the ball rolling:

    Beautiful vintage rhinestone pink and green brooch.- vintage jewellery

    Shades of amber bead jewellery necklace - vintage jewellery

     Cubic Zirconia drop crystal earrings - vintage inspired jewellery that is new.

    So to tonight at 7pm (UK time) these three are for sale at half price. Then we will have another three beauties for you.

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    Now we have continued with our Daily Jewels this bright sunny morning here in Solihull UK. This is where we reduce 3 or 6 pieces of vintage jewellery or any of our pre owned, antique or new vintage inspired collections. This is for 24 hours only during the week or on Friday it becomes a Weekend Jewels and 6 different pieces are reduced.  It can be brooches, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, tie pins, bracelets or any of our accessories.

    So today's Daily Jewels - a bit early we know, but yesterday was so busy that we were unable to change the Daily Jewels. From now to tomorrow at 8pm (UK time) here are 3 lovely jewels that are half price for a limited period only.

     This is a lovely fairy or faery brooch pin in sterling silver. Typically a lot of fairy jewellery is produced and designed in the Art Nouveau style. Pre owned and in very good condition. Marked with the 925 hallmark.

    A very long mock pearl necklace with white enamel butterfly decoration. Very summery and pretty with the gold metal butterflies and a half double strand type of necklace. This would make ideal an wedding necklace for a guest or for informal bridal attire. Made around the 2000s and pre owned.

    The third for today is this gorgeous vintage brooch with green, deep orange and yellow rhinestones with a central opal coloured cabochon. The mock opal of glass has a translucent glow. This is a superb brooch to wear at any time of the year. All the stones are prong set for quality and this certainly has the WOW factor.

    More Daily Jewels tomorrow evening.    

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    It is amazing on how many different vintage brooches we have available. Some are genuine vintage with some being pre owned, antique and some are new with a vintage inspired look. Today's count shows that we have over 300 different styles and in fact nearer 400. That's not counting the small brooches that we call pins.
    Here are just a few available:

    This is a fun purple rabbit brooch that is classed pre owned. Found in the animal brooches collection.
    A nice sparkling blue glass vintage brooch with a silver and gold ornate surround. This is available in the blue brooches collection.

    This cameo brooch is a genuine vintage one by Charles Horner. Gainsborough lady profile in a gold tone frame.

    Last to show is this pink vintage hat brooch pin from the 1960s. Fun vintage pins that are available in a wide range of styles and colours.
    Our brooches are in colour collections of red, black, pink, orange, amber, blue, turquoise, red, amethyst/purple, white and green. Then we have cameo, antique, animal, cat, dog, fish, bird, wedding, diamante and rhinestone. It is one of our popular choices and a versatile piece of jewellery.

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    This morning we were adding a very stylish vintage enamel brooch from the Australian company Barcs. This brooch is inspired by the Art Deco period but was produced in the 1980s. Enameled in black with a blue center onto a gold tone setting. This nice quality brooch however is very similar to a Monet brooch that was made and is part of a jewellery set release during the 80s.
    Many vintage brooches and even some of today's jewellery are made by what are called "jobber companies", who then sell the product to other companies who then add their signature to them. Also some well known companies will sell their designs or even the actual jewellery to other well known companies who then sell it under their own name. Just interesting to spot the different brooches and jewellery that are essentially the same design but have a different signature on.

    This is a scan of the page number 267 of "Monet the master jewelers" by Alice Vega (A must buy for any vintage jewellery addict) The similar brooch  is in cream, black and red enamel where as the Barcs brooch is in black and blue enamel. Now just wondering is there a whole set by Barcs in black and blue?

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    Now I know it is suppose to be summer here in the UK. But with rain and rain and more rain, not to mention the hail stones we have had recently this week. You could be forgiven for forgetting that it should be warm and sunny! But we have some vintage jewellery and brooches to cheer any dull day up.

    These are some of the latest additions this past week.

    A little bit of the seaside with this pretty starfish shaped brooch and clip on earrings vintage jewellery set. Silver and gold tone 1980s/1990s matching set for wearing together or separate.  Pin the starfish brooch to a bag or hairband and believe that its summer!

    Embroidery vintage brooch with pretty pink pansy flowers.1950s/1960s vintage jewellery that is not only collectible but wearable. Very popular to embroider your own jewellery in Victorian times and again post war to about the 1970s. With crafts coming back and more people sewing and embroidering, are we soon to see this relaxing pastime re-appearing in our jewellery?

     Now this is a superb vintage necklace in gold tone. Attributed to Coro with textured links and a knot at the front. This type of necklace can be found by many designers around the 1960s era, especially about 1963/1964 period.

    These are just 3 genuine vintage jewellery pieces that we have as new additions this week. Lots more to come with many new lines of vintage inspired and other gorgeous jewellery.

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    This weeks COW for the jewelry ring is what would you wear for a spectacular evening. Well this is the vintage jewellery and not so vintage, that I would choose? As this fantasy evening calls for the full works and opportunity to dress up in everything that sparkles and glitters. This are a few of my favourite few pieces.

    For a start it has to be all clear rhinestone and diamante, as this would go with any colour dress. Long ball gown dress and high heels I think - though the last time I tried to wear high heels I had to come down our stairs on my bum!

    This is my selection of jewellery that range in age from the 1950s to a couple of years ago.

     In the middle is my rhinestone vintage necklace worn when I was in my twenties with jeans and '70s cheese cloth shirts - just a few years ago now!! It dates to the 1950s and is still fairly bright and clear. In the very middle is my 1960s stretch bracelet of rhinestones from the Empire. It has been owned by me for about 15 years now. The clip earrings are again about 1950s/1960s and I acquired them around 10 years ago.

     Here are two large "Evening Snowflake" brooches with a matching pair of clip on earrings. All from Sarah Coventry dating to the 1960s. One of the brooches belonged to my grandmother and came into my possession about 30 years ago. The other vintage brooch and clip on earrings was a set I brought last year. Really only wanted the earrings, but thought the other brooch could be for my daughter who shares my costume jewellery. The brooches can be worn on a dress either side and the clip earrings can double as shoe clips. Now I could wear one of the brooches in my hair, if I pulled it up high into a glamorous bun, but what would I do with my tiara?

    This is a fairly new tiara at about 11 years old, brought by my husband for a New Years Eve party - for me not for him to wear I hasten to add, though I think he tried it on. Just a simple inexpensive tiara of mock pearls and diamante, but priceless to me.  My daughter has one also which she has kept. (Must run in the family)

    Found the tiara difficult to photograph as kept getting a blurred photo and didn't have a model handy.
    Last but not least my newest accessory for the evening - a beaded evening bag in a gun metal silver brought new a couple of years ago.

       So when I get that ball invite (hint hint) I am readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    We do have some similar jewels available on Jewels and Finery. Check diamante jewellery and rhinestone jewellery collections. 

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    Now you either wear clip on earrings or not. Useful if you have not got pierced ears but also can be worn if you do. Clip earrings first came into fashion in the 1930s and enjoyed about 50 years of popularity before a gradual decline in use. Many people still use clip earrings, although finding them is difficult as many jewellery companies no longer make them. 

    Before the clip mechanism was patented, ears were pierced usually using a needle heated to sterilize. Then pushed through your ear with a cork placed at the back to stop the needle going too far! Now you had to trust your friend, sister or mom to make the hole in the right place and you had not to move.
    So in came the clip earring that did not require surgery, although some pinched your ears and you had to make sure they stayed on. But help was at hand in the shape of earring accessories of pads and pillows. Pillows fitted over the paddle and not only cushioned but helped keep the earring on. Then pads fit into the hole on the clip paddle and again cushion and help to hold the piece of jewellery in place. 

    In the late 1970s an new way to pierce ears came in - the piercing gun which revolutionised piercing ears. Well lets face it now days, everthing seems to be pierced!!

    So back to the big and huge clip on earrings - very popular in the 1980s and 1990s when everything was over sized.

    In the photographs are big pink plastic clip earrings, diamante delight earrings also quite big. Huge blue diamond vintage clip on earrings.Then above Peta Lure earrings circa 1960s by Sarah Coventry.  Below are copper and gold tone floral clip earrings circa 1990s that are also bigger than average.

      Of course there are ear earrings to wear.   

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    Good morning, now the sun is out so everything is bright! This month my husband and I have finally decided about making some changes to our websites. So it is with a heavy heart that we have closed our craft site and information one. It was just too difficult to keep up with adding new products or information as well as running our main website Jewels & Finery UK. There are just the 2 of us and we wanted to expand, so this was our final decision. Jewels and Finery will continue to sell genuinevintage jewellery as well as antique jewellery, pre owned and brand new costume jewellery. But we do have plans for the future that we are very excited about. But much more of that at a later date.

    Just some of the latest additions;

    Genuine black vintage bead necklace with graduated beads of glass. Complete with a brass screw clasp. Long necklace circa 1930s.

    Vintage cameo brooch by Sphinx. The cameo is on a mock carnelian background with a rope decorated frame. Signed designer jewellery from Sphinx of the UK.

     Butterscotch coloured vintage clip on earrings. Love these as so vintage in style of the 1950s.

    You will not see a lot added over the next 2 weeks as we are having a redesign. But watch this space for more exciting news. lets just hope the sun continues to shine down on all of you this week.

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  • 08/21/12--01:04: Changes to vintage brooches
  • Over the last few weeks, we have been planning and making a few changes to our new look website. Starting with the vintage brooches collection. We now have this great new look. Instead of having the sub categories below, we have them at the side bar only. This frees up the products to be shown straight away. We at Jewels & Finery UK, just think it makes it a little clearer. Now having freed up the sub categories it has enabled us to divided the true vintage jewellery from pre owned and new. So a new brooches collection has been formed that has previously owned brooch and new in only.  We have done this because of the growing number of products in this category of now over 360 different ones available.

    Here are just some of the lovely brooches we have available right now.

    Cute rainbow fish vintage brooch 
    Brilliant enamel colours to this cute tropical fish with a twinkling diamante eye.

    Glitter vintage butterfly brooch
    This one just glitters with colour and the neat thing is that the glitter is sealed under clear enamel - so it doesn't get every where like some costume jewellery does. 

    Yellow Art Deco style vintage brooch
    Attributed to Pierre Bex and in the fabulous style of Art Deco. It is vintage and dates to around the 1970s/1980s.

    Red rhinestone garland vintage brooch
    This one is gorgeous with faceted red rhinestones and a glorious colour to the gold metal. Well made and of good quality.

    The above brooch is my personal favourite at the moment. We have planned many other changes and introduction of some new lines. So watch this space for more news.

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    Now I know there are many people that collectbird brooches. Not as unusual as it sounds as the number of bird brooch particularly owl brooches have been flying of the virtual shelves. We have recently made it easier to view the vintage brooches collections with a new look to Jewels and Finery. So bringing the bird brooches collection to the main page.

    Along with owls, other birds are peacocks, kingfishers, parrots, swan, dove, ducks, swallow, eagle and vultures. there are those birds that can not be identified and due to designer artistic inspiration.

    Vintage swallow brooch with diamante circa 1970s.

    Vintage swan brooch in flight

    Partridge pin in pewter by A R Brown

    King fisher vintage bird brooch

    Humming bird brooch.

    Attach a bird brooch to a jacket's lapel, hat or bag. Even to a hair band or evening bag to have a different look to anyone else.   

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    Haven't completed the next part of the Spring 1976 catalogue from Sarah Coventry jewelry for a while. So this is part 16, just a single page number 49 that contains vintage necklaces with matching vintage earrings and a Melody vintage bracelets.
    One of the best ways to date any vintage jewellery is to get hold of a catalogue, brochure or advertisement that is clearly dated from a company. Sarah Coventry produced several catalogue per year to show to women at their home parties. Some still survive today and are an excellent source of dating material. I have collected quite a few and this autumn intend to start showing more on this blog. The reason this part 16 will just have just one page is because the next two pages are for men's jewelry so will have that as a separate blog post.

    So back to page 49.

    Now it should enlarge a bit when clicked onto the above page to get a better view.

    A = 8749, Silvery Cascade necklace 16 inch.  Silvery cascade necklace 18 inch (not shown)
    B = 7239, Silvery Cascade earrings  (clip on )
    C = 8208, Lilac Time necklace 50 inch with a removable 16 inch choker.
    D = 8341, Timely necklace 36 inch.
    E = 9586, Melody bracelet shown here in silver tone.

    Now I do remember the silvery cascade earring style as I had some in the late 70s. Not by Sarah Coventry but they were a popular design which continued into the 80s in various forms. The bold lettering relates to the actual name of the Sarah Coventry jewelry. How they managed to give a different name to the thousands of different designs is so neat. I have trouble thinking up a few names LOL. But I think thats something to do with my age and also my brain!
    Will be posting information shortly on my blog on Ciro and also scarf clips. Think I will also have to go back to my jewellery book reviews as the bookcase and bedside table is now groaning under the weight of lots of different ones, but all on jewellery in some form including vintage beads and vintage button books.       

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    Tuesday Topic of the day on the jewelry ring was for Eloxal vintage jewellery. Apparently it is light weight aluminum that is very shiny and does not tarnish. This rang a bell that I have come across many pieces especially in vintage bracelets and vintage scarf clips. These were made in West Germany and usually marked as such and date from the 1950s to the 1970s. Eloxal stands for electrolytic oxidation of aluminum.
    Already realized that several bracelets and scarf clips listed on Jewels & Finery fit this description. I went hunting for a bracelet that seemed to be similar to one shown. This is what I found:

    Not a brilliant photo but this is very shiny in a gold tone vintage bracelet that is light weight dated to the 1970s. Unsigned.

    Bit better photo of the segments of the bracelet.

    The back - shows how shiny it is.

    This was the vintage bracelet I had in mind. Again very light weigh with a pictorial covering of orange fish. No idea what this is called, but its "bubbles" in translucent and coloured orange and black that make up the design.

    Close up photograph of one of the fish. Again this one is unsigned and probably dates to the 1960s. the bracelet is quite wide and fits like a cuff.

    Back of the vintage fish bracelet - shiny and lightweight.

    Found quite a few vintage scarf clips - this one photographed well some did not! The front piece is very shiny and light weight but the clip mechanism and plate is in a different metal and heavier probably a brass alloy.

    Unsigned back of the above scarf clip.

    All the above vintage scarf clips have light weight aluminum type fronts all quite shiny with brass clip mechanisms. The last scarf clip is signed West Germany the others are not.

    And lastly this vintage bracelet.

    This vintage bracelet would be a souvenir type circa 1960s/1970s. In a light weight gold tone. Again very shiny with motif of a swallow with a letter, a mushroom, a man in a Dutch type of clothing with a ladder carrying something?, a horse shoe and clover leaf and lastly a pig. Have no idea what this all means and the bracelet is unsigned.

    I think they are all of Eloxal or part Eloxal.They are waiting to be photographed properly and will be added to the website later this year.

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